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We are a team that finds in every second an opportunity to create. Our focus is to bring new ideas and better results for our customers. Our motivation comes from having new challenges everyday and fighting hard to overcome them, rising our experience, and also yours.

The recipe is simple: the achievements of our customers are our achievements. To help them get there, we look for the best tools that can help in the process, be them design or technology related.


With a specialized team that keeps up to date with new market trends, we professionalize in creating a connection between your business and your customers, using planning and design techniques.


Goon is also technology. We have a team specialized in different areas ranging from web programming, system analysis and development, database administration and much more, all to bring the best solution for your business.


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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency autonomous from any central authority or bank, used through the internet in an easy way and with a much cheaper expense rate than other current payment options.

How does it work?

You can send or receive Bitcoins through the internet, using your computer or mobile phone. It is already accept in several companies worldwide, such as Dell and PayPal.

Use the QR Code ot type the wallet code to pay
QRCODE: 18oRit9ch1fiwCUnGb8mW1jvcbkDwrz93K